Modeling a LoRa Network in OMNET ++

Based on the OMNET ++ and inet frameworks, LoRa network node model has been developed, which can be explored by various parameters LoRa.

The LoRa node model is built from the physical layer to the application layer. Including, the LoRa network interface is the main component.

The LoRa interface defines the physical layer — the parameter of the radio transceiver, and the link layer. The characteristics of LoRa technology are described in the radio module, where parameters such as SF (Speading Factor – Propagation Factor), BW (Bandwidth – bandwidth), CR (Coding Rate), modulation are configured for the transceiver. The LoRa interface connects to higher layers, such as the network layer for packet routing, the transport layer, and the application layer.

In addition, an additional module “LoRa Medium” for modeling the transmission medium and loss of propagation of the LoRa signal.

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